About Crystal Wallace

The Lexington/Lake Murray area acquired acquired one of the most compassionate real estate agents when Crystal decided to get her license and move to the other side of the agent’s desk. With two children and over 30 years of happy marriage, Crystal knows what type of commitment it takes in order to achieve a happy and healthy life.

Before real estate, she had multiple successful business endeavors including a multi-million dollar company that worked with names such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot. On the side, her and her husband invested their time and money into renovating properties to sell or turn into rental units for those who need it. Crystal’s goal is always to meet new people and hear their story while also helping them out along the way as best she can.

Now she primarily services the Lexington, Lake Murray, Chapin and Gilbert areas but has helped clients all over the state find their dream home. Whether it’s for a new family buying their first house or a young professional looking for a great place to work remotely from, she wants to hear all about it and get you into the perfect place!

“This is way more than BIG TEAM real estate; this is about having an agent that gives personalized care to make the entire process of selling or purchasing more seamless and enjoyable.”  – Crystal Wallace

More About Crystal

  • Crystal is a certified luxury home marketing specialist or CLHMS
  • She is also a seller representation specialist meaning she puts the customers first
  • Seasoned pricing analyst to find the best deals on a property
  • Crystal’s brokerage also won the RE/MAX Brokerage of the Year in 2020
  • Married for over 30 years and has two beautiful boys
  • Fully believes in the beauty and comfort South Carolina has to offer

Working with Crystal Wallace isn’t just working with a real estate agent. It’s more like asking a long-time family friend to help you out and hold your hand as much as needed.