Vaughan Real Estate For Sale

Vaughan Real Estate For Sale

The OP Team has a reputation for keeping homebuyers up to date with the best Vaughan real estate for sale. We refresh listings for condos and homes for sale in Maple to guarantee our clients review accurate and live property listings.

It is nearly impossible to describe the sinking feeling that hits the pit of your stomach when you realize the dream home listing you found online is out of date. The OP Team works diligently never to let our clients suffer such unimaginable disappointment.

Top Five Listings for Maple Homes for Sale and Vaughan Real Estate

The OP Team has access to the best Maple real estate listings and Vaughan property postings. As the best real estate agency in Vaughan, our realtors remain dedicated to living up to our pristine reputation as service providers. Please review five of the best listings the OP Team has found in the area!

  1. 202 Riverview Ave, Vaughan - This Riverside property has four plus one bedrooms and four bathrooms with flat ceilings. Plus, the kitchen and bathroom areas have stainless steel appliances with a second kitchen and skylight. The two-story home has a finished basement, pot lights, and hardwood floors that add aesthetic appeal to its expansive layout. The detached property is a corner lot real estate listing that has an extensive driveway.

  2. 45 Thornridge Dr, Vaughan - Located on Thornridge Drive, this five-bedroom and eight-bathroom home is listed for less than five hundred thousand dollars. The estate mansion offers a twelve car garage, movie theater, and an enormous swimming pool. The home has two central air units and a recently renovated sauna and kitchen.

  3. 154 Crestwood Rd, Vaughan - The listing on Crestwood Road has three bedrooms and two full baths to offer small families or young couples. It is priced for less than two hundred thousand dollars, and this single-family residence has exceptional curb appeal.

  4. 4800 Highway 7, Vaughan - Listed at just over five hundred thousand, this property offers nearly seven hundred square feet of living space. Two spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms make up the straightforward layout of this home. With laminate floors throughout the entire open area, this listing has a large balcony that provides a stunning view.

  5. 118 Cowan Drive, Vaughan - This six-bathroom home is a steal as it is listed for less than six hundred thousand dollars. The five-plus bedrooms provide ample space for medium-sized families. The house has two furnaces, a Jacuzzi hot tub sauna, and a second kitchen with furnished appliances. The two-story building has a property tax estimated around twenty-four thousand dollars per year, and it has a massive master suite with beautiful window views.

Best Vaughan Real Estate and Maple Homes for Sale Real Estate Property Listings

The current housing market scales have tipped in favor of homebuyers, which means the time to strike is now! Contact the OP Team by emailing to learn specific details about the real estate properties described above. If you would like to discuss potential properties with a professional real estate agent, please dial 416-270-1431.

Vaughan Real Estate For Sale
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